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About Us

Web development, Mobile, Maps, UI/UX design

For ten years, each project that our agency has imagined for our clients has been led by one single incentive : Our passion for the web.


What we are really good at.


Web addiction

For ten year, we've crafted our projects with the ambition to deliver them in the most innovative and ergonomic way. We propose tailor made intranet/extranet solutions as well as Open Source services, driven by modern and thorough navigation concepts, and built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 languages. Did we mention we were passionate?


The future web standard?

As we are both mobile apps editors, and responsive design craftsmen, we are at ease with the different mobile devices (SmartPhones and TouchPads).
With the new ways of browsing the web that those devices introduced, we've placed them at the heart of your strategy to make the mobile web a pillar of your digital communication.

Interactive Maps

The power of Maps

We've built interactive maps for many customers ranging from road traffic to e-tourism. We can integrate customised maps within websites, facebook pages, and even mobile phones to allow your customers to locate your services around them in real time. We just love the power of maps for the users.

UI/UX Design

Think before designing

Our design is not just about creating PSDs. It's the result of a thoroughly conducted work on ergonomic, usability and effectiveness to make the user experience as pleasant and efficient as possible.
That's why we think that mock-ups are the end result of this work with our client and not just a deliverable at the start of a consulting process, or worse, a criteria of choice to select which agency you'll wish to work with.

Our process

Fair and square.

As in a web project, it would be wrong to assume everything will work fine in one go, we've abandoned the waterfall project management method.

We've now adopted an interactive method called "agile", which allows us to exchange a lot more with our clients as we advance and make adjustments with you on the go.

The first step is essential, it concerns the analysis your needs. We take time to define a perimeter of work and in fine propose one or several structured answers.

We've evolved our process to facilitate the conception of your project, and it could be summarized with the following four axis:

Startup Meeting

We cut down the project in steps, then we define which ones are priorities. We plan their realisation accordingly.

Wireframe + prototype

User Interface and User Experience, site-map and navigation, content and graphic design.

Design + code

PSD to HTML integration, iterative functionality development, interface implementation.

Launch and monitoring

Tests, launch, quality evaluation. Advices, customer services and evolutions.

Our Team

A passionate and exciting lot.


Jean-Baptiste DAVID


Founder and owner of NOE interactive for 10 years, he elaborates the strategies and concepts that will be the pillars of your projects. With a strong sense of communication, he likes to work on original and effective ways to allow you to express your messages.



Production manager

A team is only efficient if it's properly led. Cedric is in charge of the technical choices and the management within the production team. Curious and experienced, he's got all the required technical and analysis skills for this challenging position.


Adrien HEURY

UI/UX designer

If the pixel is the unit of choice in our field, it's also the grain of sand that can torture Adrien. He's dedication and level of expectation ensures he produces high quality web and mobile interfaces, centered on the user experience and emphasising the content.


François CHAIX

Project Manager

Exciting, versatile and sometimes harsh, the job of project manager is a major part of our activity. François advises, reassures, coordinates and drives every iteration of your project. As a virtuoso, he skillfully juggles with time and the unexpected.



Web Developer

Rémi is as skilled with PHP as he is on a basketball court. He was strong enough to master SITRA and all its dark side. He's a bit worried about SITRA2 for the moment but we're sure he'll be up to the task.



Web Developer

Jérémy (aka J.D) likes to tackle programming challenges and developing in WordPress. Skilled, he likes the things that would "make a difference", meaning add a little something extra, in a project. Passionate, he likes to share and exchange knowledge with others.



Web Developer

Front End Developer, the other Jérémy (this one J.P) is a Javascript connoisseur. He likes modern and powerful JS libraries such as WEBGL and is keen on imagery in general. When not in front of his mac, he likes to express himself on one of his bikes.


Clément MEGNIN

Web Developer

The web is his playground. Gamer at heart, Clément is as at ease with PHP and JS scripts as he is with his game pads. The kind of guy that codes and decodes quietly and efficiently.



Executive Assistant

Our ever smiling assistant deals with human resources management and accounting. She knows her way out excel crashes, handles biddings and coordinates logistics.


Bénédicte GRANIER

Sales and Business

Easy going and pertinacious, Bénédicte has found in the Web field a way to express her skills in pre-sales. As in the mountains -that she likes very much-, she's a person we can count on.



Press and communication

Amélie deals with the exchanges with the press as well as the external communication of the agency around the web. She likes to experiment with the magic of the words. She also gets involved in projects in the pre-sale process.


we have the pleasure to work with.

Tourism & culture

  • Saint Etienne Tourisme
  • Ardèche Verte
  • Evian
  • Sud Grésivaudan
  • Saint Marcellin
  • Saint Félicien
  • Samoëns
  • Pays du Royans
  • Val d’Arly Mont-Blanc
  • Morestel
  • Pays Beaujolais
  • Beaujolais Vert
  • Fondation FACIM
  • Musées de Vienne
  • OT Arèches Beaufort


  • Patriarche & Co
  • Institut VATEL
  • Clipsol GDF Suez
  • Compagnons du Solaire
  • Beaujolais.com
  • Delta Savoie
  • Takamaka
  • Mignola
  • SEMER industries
  • Coyotte City
  • Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge
  • SAAB Salomon Mountain X Race
  • Relais de la fête
  • Pi Espaces
  • YLEC consultants


  • Institut National de l’Energie Solaire
  • CG Alpes Maritimes
  • CG Mayenne
  • CG Saône & Loire
  • CA Annecy
  • CA Lac du Bourget
  • CA Bourg en Bresse
  • Métropole Savoie
  • Territoire Rhône
  • Médecins de Montagne
  • Féd. Rhône-Alpes Thermale
  • Les Vallons du Lyonnais
  • OPAC de Savoie
  • CG des Ardennes
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